June 25, 2014

Join Virtual ABDL

18+ only by creating an account you are consenting that you are over 18 years of age. Any persons found to be in violation of the 18 + rule will be placed on  suspension until proof of legal age is verified. We may at any time suspend cancel or terminate your membership with us at anytime for any reason


This service is Free of charge to play BUT you can choose to pay if you wish to better your experience in VirtualABDL

Prices for land are found under the Price Tab on the top of the screen

All New residents start out with Just a diaper and T-Shirt you can choose your characters sex, Or Alternately Choose to be Non Human.

We are limited for selection at this time  Any newly added characters/diapers will be put out at the welcome centre.

Virtual ABDL an Adult Baby and Diaper Lover Virtual Hangout.

Due to Lack of People in this grid we have decided to move to Aviworlds..

Our Community will be setup there.. You can Join us By clicking the link below.. You will need to recreate your avatar… We have many free items to choose from in our freebie stores… Come check us out…  Search The group Virtual ABDL  and our Region Virtual ABDL  … See you Inworld…